John's Review

It had done it’s job fine, but my old self installed burglar alarm was a little past it’s prime (much like myself). So a call to various reputable burglar alarm installers led to many home visits and lots of questions, answers and quotations. They were all… okay, but I just couldn’t make up my mind.

A fully wired system? A battery system? Annual Servicing? Call out charges? Did upstairs really need to be done as well?

Time drifted and I drew up a short list… but the folder gathered dust. Then a few break ins, in the area, galvanised me into action. So I updating my list of questions, I once again took up the challenge of deciding the system and installer that would meet my needs.

Then DAB was recommended by a neighbour and… Dave Broom (Director), subsequently stepped over my threshold. Bright, cheerful, enthusiastic and thoroughly committed to fit me a system that suited ME.

We good humouredly, debated my checklist and what systems were available… and I simply couldn’t fault him or the security devices he recommended. NOR the subsequent installation.

Yes! After years, I had made up my mind – and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Installation was very clean and efficient.

I am so picky it irritates me! But nothing was too much trouble. It was a pleasure to have Dave and Matt here. They carefully fitted a modern technically advanced and easy to use system… to my requirements. I go to bed feeling secure… and when leaving my home… I know it is good hands.

I have also recommended DAB to friends who are as delighted as I am. Efficient, up to date system… with excellent and friendly, office administrative back up.

What more would you want ?